Why you should attend TRANSFORM!2019


Experience what it means to become an Intelligent Enterprise. Learn how to get the most value from Intelligent Technologies. Get answers on how you can transform your business. Through a personalised and tailored program we’ll focus on challenges specific to your industry. Join us to engage in an open dialogue with Industry Leaders, Start-ups, SAP Executives and SAP Experts. This event provides a unique opportunity to engage with executive peers on key transformational topics.

Our Program Highlights

  • Keynotes

  • Breakout Sessions

  • Experience Area

  • Get inspired

    Get inspired by our visionary keynotes on becoming a best run business by bringing intelligence to your enterprise.

  • Realize Intelligent Enterprise Scenarios

    In an open dialogue between SAP Experts, customers and your peers, we’ll discuss how intelligent end-to-end processes create improved experiences for customers and employees.

  • Get Business Value from Intelligent Technologies

    Discuss how to unlock business value from Intelligent Technologies such as Machine Learning, AI, IoT and Blockchain. Holistic data management is the basis for Digital Transformation and how analytics can help steer your business real-time.

  • Learn from Customer Experiences & Proof Points

    Hear what our customers have to say about their transformational journey with SAP. Learn from their challenges, discuss opportunities and get proof points for value creation from Digital Transformation.

  • Engage in Panel Discussions

    Industry Leaders, Start-ups and SAP Experts will help you gain new perspective on the latest cultural and technological trends. They’ll give you insight into business strategies on how to master and overcome the obstacles of Digital Transformation.

  • Experience Area

    In our Experience Area you can get concrete guidance on how to realize business value from transformation on processes, technologies, analytics, platform and data. You can engage in panel discussions with Industry Leaders, Start-ups and SAP Experts. You can get inspired by learning about the Consumerization of Enterprise Technology, Moving to the cloud, What AI can do for your organization and much more…Experience your personal journey towards becoming an Intelligent Enterprise right from the “Intelligent Enterprise Experience App”!

Keynote Speakers
Christian Klein

COO and Member of the Executive Board of SAP SE

Thomas Saueressig

President, SAP Product Engineering, SAP SE

Florian Roth

Chief Information Officer, SAP SE

Gerd Leonhard

Futurist, Humanist and CEO of The Futures Agency

Christian Klein is Chief Operating Officer and a Member of the Executive Board of SAP SE. Leading the Intelligent Enterprise Group, Klein combines his global responsibility for the development and delivery of SAP’s core applications with his cross-board area mandate for SAP’s global business operations.

Thomas Saueressig is president of SAP Product Engineering and has global responsibility for all SAP’s digital core products from development to delivery, including product management. This also includes responsibility for SAP’s product SAP S/4HANA, as well as for industry solutions, design and user experience of SAP products across the entire portfolio, product enablement, and the SAP’s Labs Network.

Florian Roth is the Chief Information Officer of SAP SE . Under the umbrella of SAP Runs SAP, he is leading IT Services as a key component of the SAP value proposition and is at the core of enabling and delivering product and operational efficiency. With that IT is the backbone of SAP’s transformation journey and in a perfect position to deliver and run the Intelligent Enterprise.

Futurists have supplied some of the most penetrating visions for enterprises and organizations intent on reinventing themselves and redefining their sectors. Gerd Leonhard is something more. A humanist who not only thinks about the future full time, but someone who resides there and travels back to the present day to share his insights and practical wisdoms.

Main event location
Opening Reception, March 18
Evening Event, March 19
And connect with start ups and discuss how innovation can create value for your organization.
Hasso Plattner Ventures
Sapphire Ventures
TU Munich
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